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Hi 🙂

If I may ask how do you deal with the pressures of being an attorney? I’m doing my law degree now and working in a legal field. I was recently offered aticleship (basically apprentice attorney in South Africa) with a private firm. I would take a 60% salary cut but it would be my entry into the legal profession. This is a tremendous opportunity since law firms normally only approach top students.

The problems that I’m having is that my attention to detail is very poor so if I was to miss something important it could cost the firm (and client) a lot of money.

Secondly (thanks to anxiety) I find it difficult to answer questions that I could not prepare for properly first. So my fear is, what happens if I am in court and get questioned by the magistrate or judge and I freeze up. Again it may have huge financial consequences for the client and the firm.

Where I work now, my mistakes don’t have such hectic consequences so I was wondering if you have those issues, how do you deal with them?

Btw I get your “importance line.”. For me it’s urgency. Anything that is urgent is automatically important and therefore above the line. Everything else waits until it becomes urgent.

Thank you.