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Perhaps its time to recognize that your sons pecadillos as i now call them after 60 years of living them need a do over with professional assistance. It is important to him and you that no one is giving up but that the solution(s) might need some time additional expertise that the school and you alone do not have but you are going to get it. When that is taken care of a meeting of your expert coach and you and the school reps might be arranged at a neutral sight, or you may decide an other school might allow him to start over again with a cleaner slate. And no one will be tempted to remove his electronics.
For ADDers H school is difficult enough without a host of other adaptive issues that make maturing so difficult for us. Since that takes us many years longer than neurotypicals taking an additional year to navigate these motivation issues may not be so bad. In fact they are life lessons that neuro males do not fully develop until their mid 20s and male Adders age 30 (long term motivation)

I never did learn to work or study from home but found working on site was my adaptive life lesson. I also understand that these other co morbid conditions make each one of us uniquely different. I had no hyper touch sensitivity to any materials until they suddenly appeared at age 65 Thyroid storm (Graves) meds raised my TSH to normal levels. If they had existed in HS i would have stayed home forever.
Your son has a complex group of conditions that seem to be exacerbated by what is happening to him at this age. Please seek expert assistance and take as much time as necessary to get beyond this. He is only seventeen. Given the obstacles he and you are dealing with i commend both of you for getting this far and seeking help from far and wide.

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