Reply To: Struggling


For all of us that are struggling and dealing with ADHD, ODD, Autism, etc I just remembered something I was asked to do when my son was first diagnosed.

A family counsellor that my husband and I were seeing asked us to make a list of 10 great qualities that our son had. I first I thought I would NEVER come up with nearly that amount. After several minutes we both came up with lists with MORE than 10 wonderful things about our challenged child – alot of them were different.

We placed these lists on our fridge. Whenever we were having a rough day I would look at those lists and remind myself that this wonderful child was in there – we just have to use different strategies and tactics to bring them out.

Reach out for as much help as you can get: read books, see counsellors both at school and outside, get in touch with your Resource teacher, see if you can find an ADHD group or Autism group near your area, look for a Professional Life Coach, keep talking with other parents like us!!!!