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Hello everyone,

While I’ll never claim “expert” status when it comes to “macros” and other related topics when it comes to diets and how they affect one’s daily dealings with ADHD, one thing that has come to my attention recently is CBD and it’s long overlooked and harmless abilities to help people with ADHD enjoy more moments of relaxation and concentration without having any negative effects on the efficacies of their regularly prescribed medicines. I take Adderall and Depakote and I’m 66 years old and have recently survived a major stroke. The stroke will take some time and other more specifically targeted meds designed to prevent blood clots. But rest assured, CBD oils have no negative effects. For many years I have long been opposed to marijuana use, and much of my opposition goes back to my experience of smelling the stuff in my college dorm down in Miami during the early Seventies. Gawd it stunk and still does. But there are found in all parts of the country. Where did Coca Cola get its start? CBD comes from hemp. Sounds radical, but there it is. Hemp oil when you really get down to the basics without introducing long latin words. You can find CBD being introduced into a wide variety of products. Yes, it has to be taken in moderation and not be treated as a substitute for other working medications. But if this oil, CBD can work on epileptics, pets with serious skin rashes causing painful itching spells, and doctors and researchers are working hard at examining CBD’s possibilities in bringing great relief to people suffering from strokes, Parkinson’s, earlier dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. Any reason why it couldn’t be applied to helping people better manage their ADHD so it doesn’t mismanage their lives as much? Let’s give it a try. Although a moderate Democrat, and definitely a non-Fox watcher, I applaud the commentary of Dr. Manny Alvarez who celebrated the recent “420 Day” on behalf of legalizing pot for using its medical properties to help the millions of people suffering from the many conditions and diseases I mentioned above. If former Speaker John Boehner, MA Governor Bill Weld, two rock solid Republicans can back it, what’s stopping Atty. General Jeff Sessions from taking off his blinders to help those who could desperately put the positive qualities CBD oil in particular, have to offer, and allow me to add the one key word we all need, Hope.