Reply To: Poor behaviour in school


I feel your pain. This could be my son (even the age) and I’m afraid I have no idea how to deal. We have the added problem of the fact that ours is utterly addicted to screens; it’s beyond addiction. Most of his homework has to be completed and submitted online but that is exactly where he gets lost in the gaming world. We’ve tried to put nanny filters on and time restrictions, but he just bypasses everything. We have to lock his phone in a safe at night but even then he finds the key (don’t know how).

In class, he gets set up by the other boys by things like throwing erasers at him so that he reacts. They poke at him so that he reacts. And then laugh.

Teachers have had enough and he even has permission to sit some lessons out as he’s difficult.

If there were an Olympic sport for lying or being lazy he’d do very well. He lies to get himself out of trouble and even though he knows he may get caught, to him it’s a risk he’ll take. And if he fancies something, he will just help himself.

Fortunately in other ways he’s adorable; he loves animals, is very affectionate and caring.

I look forward to hearing what others say because I’m fresh out of approaches.

Ps I love him dearly – it’s the ADHD I hate. Very much.