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Since you say you are accomplished at work but not at home, I’ll offer this… many people have the inability to deliver on internal expectations, or plans. I have been reading Gretchen Rubin’s books. Her most recent is specifically about “the Four Tendencies”. She has created a model based on how you respond to external and internal expectations. You are an Obliger if you can do everything anyone else asks you to do but cannot for your life, keep a commitment to yourself. According to her, this has nothing to do with whether you have ADD or not. This is a personality trait. Check her out. I have found it VERY helpful. At least if you understand why you have trouble delivering on your own plans and expectations, then you can help make yourself more accountable to yourself. I have ADD but I do not think my issues in this area of my life (keeping commitments to myself vs others) are related to ADD – they are because I am an “Obliger”. Now the “can’t get your thoughts organized to get off the couch”… that happens to me when I don’t take my medication. I will spin trying to decide what it is I should do first cuz there’s just so many things…. Bur maybe using some of the Four Tendencies strategies would be helpful. Good luck!

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