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Katie Blum-Katz

Yes! Congrats for having a bedtime ‘routine’ in the first place! Many people do not. Take a look at those after school hours- usually really challenging for all of us- parents & kids W/ ADHD! Do you have any aerobic exercise in your routine after school another down time BEFORE getting into bed? Even 20-30 minute walk somewhere in there before or after dinner time helps tire us physically, & then when we do sit down or recover from a brief physical activity, our ADHD brain begins to slow down. Also try a short (even 6 minutes) guided mindfulness practice to help slow down our breathing. I highly recommend Lidia Zylowska, MD,”the Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD”. The book comes with audio CD of guided exercises. We usually do a short 1 of 6 minutes b/c certain members of my family can barely sit still that long! However, practiced each night right before bedtime works to slow us down & get to sleep much faster. Hope this helps. Good luck.