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Hi, a lot of great advice!! I have 2 kids with ADD & a newphew That also has odd as well. My oldest is almost 20 & our other son is 7 as well. We found that ( of course it’s per the individual on what works) our nephew has aggressive outbursts thankfully he calmed down dusince puberty but still has the impulse anger that raises-up at times. With him, any form of communication that sounded like an order to do something would set him off. I would have to remember who I was talking to & to give a few advance notices. Like doing dishes for example. This helped him to prepare for doing the chore. Now with our oldest & now our youngest. A set routine, I know. Hard to do a routine but when we kept one, they transitioned better. Also we helped them try to learn to calm themselves. We would praise for good behavior & natural consequences for the outburst. Ours has to earn his electronics back. We have a code word for cooling down time & that is “Turtle time”. This word is used for him to know that he is getting upset. He knows that he needs to go somewhere & calm down by listening to music, legos or just leave the room just to get himself some time, then after he is calm, we talk about why he was upset & what he did that worked. He will now just tell us he feels like he needs some turtle time. Our oldest used music & when he was old enough, go on walks. The oldest now goes for a walk daily because he says it’s when he relaxes & thinks about his day. I know you are having such a hard time but keep at it & keep it going because they are kids & will always test us to see if they could get away with it. Stay strong & good luck!!!