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Start with a bedtime routine, write it down, type it up, attach pictures to each thing with big “1, 2, 3, etc” and repeat it like it’s a game. Limit screentime (including tv) for at least 30 mins before bedtime, and stick with the routine. Also, I do melatonin 30 mins before lights out. So for example, our routine, that my 5 year old repeats, and it hasn’t changed in 2 years is:

Brush Teeth
1 small drink of water
1 minute of snuggles
Bedtime kisses and goodnight

I read the book with my voice lowered, the lamp on low (use a low wattage bulb or move the lamp further away). I have also started chapter books that are boring to look at so my son just has to ‘listen’. The 1 minute of snuggles has to be quiet or ‘you will leave’. So it’s just snuggles and backrubs in silence, no talking. Consistency is key. Get them on board with the plan, and you’re more likely to achieve success. Ask your child ‘what should we do before bed?’ and get their buy-in on the plan.