Reply To: Teenager with sleep problems


I would go see a Biomedical Doctor.
I recently started my 9yr old son on
300mg Magnesium (veg) for a month and
Now he takes 500mg. I open the capsule
and stir it in a glass of water right before bed. I also take 1000mg before bed. Best nights sleep and I wake up great! I’m 6’ tall.
He also listens to meditation music. There is
This great app ‘Calm’ or YouTube also has lots.
Doctors say you should only take Melatonin for 2-3weeks or if taken for too long it will
Mess with your natural sleep patterns.
You could also try an essential oil ‘Calming’
From Rocky Mountain Oils.
In a diffuser/humidifier in his bedroom. Start
It 30mins before bed. He will fall right to sleep. Amazon has white round 500ml $30 diffusers/humidifier. They last 8-10hrs on the low setting.