Reply To: Relationships and Emotional Articulation


My almost 22 yr. old grandson has met a young lady who is 21. He has a history of falling in love immediately with any female that will give him any attention ( to include females he meets online, and he has been “catfished”. He has only seen this young lady for a total of maybe 4 hours at their support group. He asked me on the way home ( he is unable to drive due to ADHD, developmental differences, and extreme immaturity) which I understand goes along with his diagnoses, how long he should wait to tell her he likes her. I encouraged him to take it slow, and get to know her better. The last short term girlfriend broke his heart and he cried for hours and hours. He is unable to work due to his immaturity, and inability to focus (he is on med.). I would appreciate any advice on how best to handle this situation. He does see a psychologist twice a month, as well as support group each week.
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