Reply To: Struggling


Hi i am a 35 year old single mum of 2 boys age 6 and 8 my 8year old has adhd its took 4years to get him looked at the doctors put him on ritalin 20mg although hes doing better in school its the complete oposit at home im now his punch bag and he is distroying things in my home he doesnt get to sleep until early hours in the morning i have no support at all i have tried to get his meds changed as his temper violance and behavoir seem worse now than befour but no one seems to listen i dont know what to do any more i sit and cry many nights as i fell im at breaking point i have lost alot of weight with the mental strain if it all and wonder weather i have failed my son and as a mom i live on my nerves as 7pm he becomes a ping pong ball. It has coused me problems with my naigbours he doesnt have any respect for me at all and ignorse me all the time i feel lihke im talking to the wall. Any advice plz im at breaking point