Reply To: Struggling


I have a 16 year old son who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 3. We didn’t elect to medicate him until he was 6.5 years old though. After going through a vast number of medications over a 2 year period we were fortunate enough to find a Pediatric Psychologist who diagnosed him with Severe ADHD and Severe Anxiety at the age of 8. We used to have to switch medications after one month as it would start to wear off and have no effect. Once he started taking Risperidone and Sertraline, along with his Concerta, we finally started to see real improvement in his behaviour. Also, once he hit puberty around the age of 12 his behaviour improved once again. He has since been diagnosed with Asperger’s and/or Pervasive Development Disorder. We do see alot of ODD behaviours in him too. We still experience meltdowns with him from time to time but our school Principal reminded me that 6-7 years ago he wouldn’t let go of the car door to be taken into school. Now our issues revolve around late assignments, losing homework and paper, forgetfulness, etc. All I can say to you, as one Mom to another, is hang in there. Your child is ALWAYS worth whatever effort it takes to help them learn to cope in society. Take deep breaths on the hard days and revel in the good days – believe it they are there!!! One Mom once told me that you take it day by day, or hour by hour, or minute by minute if you have to. I always tell myself that there must be something else I can try, or do, that will help my child. I don’t want to look back on his childhood and say that I should have/could have done more. Know also that you are NOT alone!!!! There are alot of great resources on the ADDitude website. Have faith!!!!