Reply To: Struggling


You should let him grow before giving him meds try mabye after he is 9 or 10 i have tookin meds since i was 11 but my om was terrified to make me take them so i only took ritalin once until i was 13 my teachers kept complaining i was forgetfull and i day dreamed and lost assignments i tried ritalin but after a few weeks it stopped working and i was switched meds every since im not only innatentive i started to get in trouble when i didn’t take my medicine (adderall 10mg twice a day) but when i did i hated it and now im not only addd but adhd and i blame ritalin i only took 5mg twice a day but it was to strong so i took 2.5 two times a day it didn’t work and when i finaly switched meds it was to late now i take vyvanse 30 mg bc i didn’t want to go up to 40mg try counciling otr try signing him up for sports i wish my doctors would have instead of shoving drugs down my throat just because i fadmited “i coudn’t focus”