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“Especially with those folks who say, “Yeah, I’m forgetful too… maybe I have ADD.” All I know is this is the way my brain works.”

My wife had the same attitude until I took her through the ADHD test. She scored 35% so I told her that that was the fundamental difference. She has some of the symptoms some of the time, I have most of the symptoms all of the time. It gave her a better understanding of me.

Some additional info, yes I have massive mommy issues lol This is because my mother died when I was 2. Did the therapy thing. I have no doubt that she is not malicious. She is not an overly sympathetic person, but I know that 13 years ago when we started dating. She believes that if she can do it then everyone can.

Yes, my wife does sometimes take the role of my mother and I heard “I’m not your frikkin mother” many many times lol. BUT, she does support me, very very much. This morning (4:30am) I was trying to study and she again came to me and told me that she can see I’m struggling and that she is very proud of me for not giving up and trying that hard. And she had coffee :))))

So no, she doesnt understand me all the time but she is the extra motivation that I need when things get tough and she is the soft shoulder I need when it all gets too much.