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Coach Agnes Green

Believe me, she feels the consequences of her actions. That is not the problem or the solution. We lose things because our attention is not fully placed on the task at hand. This is because our ADHD brain is like Grand Central Station at rush hour. Anxiety makes it worse, so if she is travelling, which is stressful I can understand why she is losing her passport. The first thing that has helped me is wearing a cross body purse, most ADDers are tactile. We need to physically feel things. Before I started wearing a crossbody purse I would leave it everywhere. Now, not feeling it on my shoulder while walking out the door is more natural to me than relying on my memory. Another thing is to create habits when it comes to these things. Everything goes back to the same place no matter what. Even if you notice your keys on the coffee table, pick them up and put them in the place they belong. My purse is the holding place for the basics, sunglasses, keys, phone, etc. If I am not using it then it goes in my purse, including my phone, even if I am at home. After a few weeks, this will become a habit and she will no longer need to rely on the part of her brain that uses her working memory.