Reply To: Generic Adderall


My recommendation is to stay away from aurobindo generic Adderall. I got really ill from it. There is another website that has a forum on adderall generics, and one of the contributors is a biochemist. He has analyzed the composition of all adderall generics, including the fillers each company uses, and recommends to find or lobby for the generics with the fewest number of additives. He also provided information on companies that switched manufacturers so that you can assess whether the particular generic you are getting is the same formula that was used by the same purported company a year or two ago. Additionally, he recommended two specific generics, one actually manufacturered by the name brand adderall company. I had no success in finding any pharmacy that would carry the recommended generics. I take TEVA or MYLAN, and while they may not be ideal, I didn’t get the terrible effects from aurobindo. I don’t remember the website, but if you do some searching with key words, you may find it. I actually printed out the information this contributor provided, but perhaps because I have ADHD and have a poor filing system, I would have to search for it. In addition, the best patient assistance program is offered by Vyvanse, which will provide you with a 12-month card that gives you vyvanse for free with a prescription; however, you have to meet maximum income guidelines, and part of the application is submitting a copy of your 1040 tax return.