Reply To: lying and venting


Yep. Some days are hard. You don’t mention how old your son is, but mine started to lie this year – he’s 12 and in his first year of middle school. In the past he’s always been honest – not always making perfect choices mind you, but owning up to whatever he did pretty quickly and openly. But this year he’s decided to try out lying about lots of things. For my son I feel like hormones as he approaches puberty play a part. I also think it’s got a lot to do with impulsivity. He’s always been impulsive with his behavior but it seems to have ramped up all of a sudden and that he’s becoming more savvy and is trying to see if lying will get him out if predicaments that the impulsive behavior gets him into. I don’t have an answer for you, just letting you know we’re in a similar boat 😬