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Thanks so much for this awesome post! I’m a high school teacher, diagnosed 16 yrs ago at age 35. Your experience is so much like my own professional journey (the newspaper-test story was hilarious! I’ve done it in similar fashion…). My ADD (inattentive) is not an obstacle to my teaching. Yes, it takes me longer to get papers back; but my classroom is a place of energy and challenge (I recently had one of my most talented students in 24 yrs tell me this – what a privilege!).

I’m lucky to be married to an amazing woman (25 yrs in June!). We’ve struggled a lot with my ADD. I thought that meds alone would ‘fix this ADD thing’; but I found several other compounding things that were the real impediments to my relationships. It took her almost walking out to realize that therapy has to go hand in hand with meds. I’ve had a really great therapist for a year now – it’s made a huge difference. We’re on a much better path – I’m so lucky that she’s in my life!

Yes, like most ADD folks I’m disorganized, a bit scattered, and easily frustrated. But I’m also goofy, loving (2 awesome kids), and full of dreams. Thanks so much for sharing the fact that while ADD makes us see things differently, it isn’t always a ‘disorder’. And thanks for distracting me from a pile of tests I really didn’t want to correct! 😉 Best of luck on your journey…

PS – and Truth, thanks again for starting this string! Continued success to you…