Reply To: Adderall IR vs. Extended release?


I don’t think there is a “typical” dose- I’ve only been diagnosed for about 3 months and have already tried a few medications- I think I like IR because I feel like I can control it better- some days I ALWAYS take 20mg in the AM and depending on how I’m feeling aroun 11-12 I’ll either take another 10-20mg… I actually am going to talk to my dr about a 3rd dose and what she thinks about that because I feel like I could use a little more cause I’m crashing when I get home (I’m a mom of 4 and that’s when i need to be most present is AFTER work!) I honesty think I’m like super ADHD cause even at 20mg I feel like I could use a little more… I looked it up and other experiences and 15×3 is not that bad! Don’t feel guilty if you feel you really need it! ADHD is a real freakin thing and people are just judgey! You know your self!