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Hi, first time positing here.

I’m a lawyer in Australia who was diagnosed this week.

I can relate to all of this.

My head has been spinning since the diagnosis. I went to the psych thinking I was depressed and not coping with life. When he gave me the diagnosis I feel like I’m looking back through a window at my life and now understanding why I am the way I am with everything in my life.

In fact, the reason I went to him was that I had a break down recently where I ended up crying to my wife that for just one day I’d love to leave work and not feel like a failure because I just can’t achieve what I want to acheive- like most things in my life- whether its work, weight, or anything life related.

I still have to do some further tests and another discussion with the doctor to work out medication etc.. but I am actually excited as to the opportunity to have a different life.