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A few months ago I switched from focalin to Adderall. So grateful, I’ve never felt more myself..BUT was worried at first bc I have reflux since a kid that can cause panic attacks from throat swelling (now I know the only cause is reflux I can manage and it never flares up now). AnywAy it worked incredibly immediate (I don’t even “feel it” which is great, but since it doesn’t “wake me up” like some I sometimes forget so setting an alarm helps). Anyway, I had dry mouth and tummy aches the first day. But it went away 100 percent after two days. Went from 2 x 20 to 3 x 20 two weeks ago (after two months on the first). Again, helped so keep ch with my home life. My boyfriend credited me to being a good listener and not blurting things out so much 🙂 was sad again tho, bc helped so much but those symptoms back again. Went away after two days though!! My guess, it will pass for you. What helped me in the meantime: A) MAKE SURE YOU EAT —I eat something small every 2-3 hours (very thin at 5’9” female 120 lbs— been this way before meds, and actually the same down to the tenth of a pound with each checkup—meds don’t affect my appetite, prob bc I’m a long distance runner and hypoglycemia). Anyway, if I don’t keep my tummy moderately full (not stuffed) I get those symptoms again. Of course lots of water. Sugar free hard candy can help dry mouth. Also, don’t eat anything w too much vitamin c around med time. I eat a banana with pb an hour before I take morning dose, so it gets a chance to absorb. When my stomach empty , the acid will hurt it, but when it has food, it focuses on burning that up instead of my stomach lining and throat lol. This has 100 percent managed for me. And small meals could help if your appetite not good. I’ve heard even just getting in the habit of eating regularly can make appetite loss go away (has for me). So I guess I’m saying: prob will go away and due to increase, and that food can help a lot (did for me). If doesn’t go away in a week then talk to doc??