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Thank you for all the energy! I contribute to that office especially with creative problem solving and in priority situation. They treat me like crap because they think I cannot get any other job as a result off my ADHD and Dyslexia (speaking/language skills). I’m a very visual person. I’m hyper but I’m not the socializing type. I have problem with speaking, cannot pronounce words, cannot make sentences quickly. I’m actually the very quiet person who fidgets a lot when I’m bored. If I’m stimulated, I don’t fidget at all. They think I am too scared to stand up for myself because a nonprofit company that provide support for people with mental illness and learning disabilities help me get this job. Actually, I am in the process to be self employed. I’m an artist and poet. I try to cheer myself up by putting a few of my sketches on my cubicle. In the meantime, you’re right. I’m not going to let them get away with treating me like this. I thought about it whole week, and I’m going to speak up. I mean, really say something when it happens next time. I’m going to prepare myself from being “frozen,” because it will happen again. It was not the first time. My manager is a b**** who picks on me the most even though she knows about my ADHD plus Dyslexia. Most People at the office thinks I’m strange already so disclosing my ADHD (and Dyslexia) to the team at meeting will not make any difference. The next time this happens at a meeting, I’m going to say “This is not funny at all. I have ADHD and Dyselxia. You will not treat me like this if I’m sitting on a wheelchair.” I will prepare saying this at home or in my mind. I wonder what will be the reaction? It’s not about our sensitivity. it’s ok to not get along with everyone but this behavior from them is beyond that point. If necessary, I can bring in articles and send them youtube links about ADHD. Mainstream society is always preaching about respecting diversity – color of skin, gender, culture, etc. Having a different brain is one kind of diversity and people will not have chance to understand if we don’t start talking back.