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I feel your pain totally!! I am semi retired now–starting a new part time job soon. When I was working full time for years I was so capable. But at home, no motivation or energy or focus. I will be moving in 6-8 weeks, so must get going. Fortunately, where I live there is an excellent Clutterer’s Anonymous group and I have a couple of “body doubles” through that group, who are willing to help me–to just sit there and say “pitch it”. Clutterer’s Anonymous has excellent literature which is uplifting and inspiring! I also have a body double friend who doesn’t judge me and when I have extra money, an excellent body double / organizer who also doesn’t judge me. It can be tricky inviting someone in to help–to find the right person who doesn’t judge.
I have also found help in emails from “A Slob Comes Clean”.
Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t give up. Find ways to motivate yourself–small steps, using a timer.
Also, because it is depressing being at home with clutter, unfinished tasks, etc, I have found that this is motivation for me to find fun things to do that I enjoy with others–reasons to get out of my apartment. At least I am loving life more than if I spend too much time at home alone.
Good luck!!
Kimmma ADD survivor