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Penny Williams

If their plan is to punish for ADHD-related behavior until they can get rid of him, there are ways to stop that plan. I would request a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). This should be entirely facilitated by a Behavior Specialist on staff with your school board. They have the behavior expertise, and they tell the school staff and administration why the behavior is happening, how to address it, and what consequences are appropriate and spell all that out in the BIP. Then, he can’t be “punished” for behavior related to the disability. I’d push that he doesn’t get suspended for anything related to ADHD. There’s a sample letter to request the FBA here:

5 School Assessments Your Child May Be Entitled To

If he does get a certain number of suspensions, then there’s a manifestation hearing. I just learned about that this week, so it’s not an area of expertise, but I encourage you to research it. This hearing determines if the behavior that resulted in suspension manifested from the disability. And that decision governs the next step.

I get so enraged when schools behave this way. It’s their JOB to care about kids!

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