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Steve mentioned this but I will echo it: NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, has the right to treat you like this at work. Yes, we can be more sensitive, but that’s entirely beside the point. You’ve got grown adults here who are acting like middle school children. This is UNACCEPTABLE in the workplace. Steve’s right; talk to HR, or even talk to the ownership if that’s possible.

And, use it as a teaching time if you can; that’s what I did. Because I’m a disabled vet, my workplace had to “officially” know about all my disabilities. But HOW MUCH they knew, was up to me. I got some of the typical, “it’s a made-up, big-pharm disease to turn kids into zombies” skepticism, but for the most part, people were curious and willing to listen. I even showed some people comparative brain scans! (“Oh wow, so this really is, like, a brain thing then?” Um….yes. yes it is.) Point being, people started realizing that a lot of my ‘quirks’ were things that were literally out of my control. And I started getting a lot more support after that.