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I’m like you; I freeze too. Unfortunately I’m also a full-blooded Scot so I have one HELL of a temper. Had it been me, I would have jumped up and stormed out of the room. But after that, I probably would have come back in with something much larger and messier to throw BACK. I’m a firm believer in both revenge and one-upmanship. (Which is probably why I’m now self-employed.) However, that’s usually not everyone’s thing.

But I think you just nailed it with the wheelchair…”If I was sitting here in a wheelchair, would you call me names? Would you make fun of me? Would you throw things at me, maybe tell me to bend over and pick them up? No, you would not. Because you would UNDERSTAND there’s a handicap issue going on here. Even if I had Aspbergers or Autism, you wouldn’t make fun of me; you might not know how to DEAL with me, but you wouldn’t make fun of me. Because you would understand that handicap is very real, even though it’s one you can’t see. Well, THIS is also a handicap. THIS is ALSO ‘real.’ And if you think I’m having FUN being the butt of all your jokes, think again.

“To put it bluntly, I’ve met 8th graders who are less like a-holes to me than you are. And you’re ADULTS. So knock it off.”