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When you have put so much time into them it is heartbreaking to see them fail, especially as you know they are drowning in their failures. Its very hard work keeping them motivated especially if there’s other kids in the household who need help and I find extra difficult having ADHD myself also. I cant say for sure what works, though I do know that he loves going to work. Find an employment agency for disabled persons who can tap into his special interests and find a job that suits and an employer who is willing to look after them and draw them out. Disability and Autism organisations may be able to give you some contacts.
Last parent interview ended with me in tears because I felt like we had both failed the teachers and everyone has put in hard work, but one teacher said helpfuly, it eventually ends – look ahead past the end of school its nearly gone, and focus on getting him into a job he’ll want to get out of bed for everyday.