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I told my boss(es)/ some of my coworkers about my adhd when I first found out. Not as an excuse but just to let them know what’s been going on. If they aren’t “friendlys” then don’t do this. I am lucky enough to have a adhd friendly job (as in I don’t have a lot of deadlines).

As someone who currently isn’t taking meds or even watching the diet that much and letting my adhd fly…
I would say focus on the positive and use those “super powers” that adhd gives to make you look better and to blow them away.

If you can use the creativity to solve problems in your workplace, they will stop bullying you. Because they won’t be able to keep up.

My adhd is fed by using sites like pinterest, and Stumble to find “random” yet interesting websites and videos that at least let me know something about a lot of different things. If you are that way too, show them the benefits of having adhd by knowing something about what your bosses / others are talking about – chances are they can’t keep up with you on this either.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

So guess where they fall…

Enjoy your gift 🙂
Hope this helps.