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The basic problem I see here is that you are treating his ADHD as something that should be ‘fixed’, so that he can be ‘normal’. That will never, ever happen. Expecting him to keep a schedule like a ‘normal’ person is simply unreasonable if you know he has ADHD. Meds and techniques should not be for making him like other people, they should be for making him the best version of himself, which might be very different from what you imagine he should be.

You should try doing things differently.

If he has trouble getting going in the morning, have you ever tried bringing him breakfast (or at least coffee) in bed? If you think he’s just lazy, of course you won’t feel like doing that, but if you entertain the idea that he might really have a hard time getting going in the morning, such a treatment might just make everybody’s lives easier. (Personally I’ve set my microwave’s timer to cook me oatmeal while I’m still in bed and struggling awake. Eating something kick-starts my lethargic morning brain.)