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Some really great, heartfelt options. Over the past week, I have just let him be on his own path with a little prompting to get up. Problem is that the only thing he is obsessed on is video game and online inappropriate sites. We have talked with Therapist about this and we do try to turn off internet when we can. If you are addicted to something that robs you of your time and morals, its just as bad as a drug.

We are trying new medications and yet another highly recommended doctor. New Doc thinks we have been using the wrong medicine for years. I don’t think he is taking medication because he said it didn’t make a difference. I think he is use to the stimulants and can “feel” them working. We let him make the decision to see the doctor and he made the appointment and went himself. So I do know he wants to change but he thinks its all in a pill.

This is the end of the semester and I hope he has some success – for his sake not ours. Of course we have no idea of what his grades are because 3 of the 5 college professors have not posted 1 grade the entire semester! He needs to find a new obsession and interests or nothing will change.

We have made arrangements for him to live on campus next fall and we are looking forward to him trying to be on his own. It just heartbreaking to see his friends moving forward in school and he is standing still.