Reply To: Emotional Distance


I am so glad other parents are talking about this. The hardest thing I think in all this is feeling like you’re the only one going through it, and that you’re a wretched parent. Our middle child (13 yr old son) has ADD and while it has always been a challenge, it seems especially rocky and hard lately. My husband and I vary between losing it inappropriately out of complete frustration and getting emotionally involved, and keeping our distance and turning off. I agree with other posts, that it is better to distance myself for everyone’s sake. But when I feel like I am extending myself and trying to help in so many ways, and he just doesn’t seem to care or make any effort on his part, it feels hopeless in the moment. I would do well to remind myself that it is the ADHD, and that he is having a hard time. I also struggle with figuring out how much of his battles are hormones vs. ADD.