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Thank you! It’s so difficult to get the whole picture into these forums! A little extra info: he has been doing great with journals previously this year it’s only been the end of Feb/March where his behavior at school as a whole has declined, the teacher has been amazing at making accommodations for him (allowing him to move at leisure as long as it doesn’t distract others, helping with homework, communication to us, etc.) I cannot say enough positive about this teacher! He can focus great in Math and Science, with the exception of Stretch Your Thinking assignments, which require more effort and writing. The teacher wasn’t punishing him at school and asking for punishment at home, he was asking for reinforcement at home, mostly asking for reduced screen time, which looking back may be because my son said all he thinks about is his tablet!?! 😉

The teachers way of communicating that the day didn’t go great is to remove a point on Class Dojo, which is basically an app and no real consequence. Some things I’ve already tried are the choice between no tablet time and early bedtime, however he always chooses early bedtime and then refuses to go to bed. Most recently I tried the writing assignment at home, write about why you didn’t do journal, which I really liked because he did the writing and it opened my eyes to his struggles. I love sandman2’s idea of helping him with the writing at home, etc. I appreciate all the responses, but I really do like the teacher. I think he understands my son super well! He really has been a pleasure to have, and I will miss him dearly next year!! He has gotten my son to enjoy school again! He has gotten him to enjoy reading again! I think this is just an annual phase that we will experience each year during March, as I think the seasons also affect my son.