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Ok, first off I never said that this is what everyone takes, just that this is what I have been taking for a long time and that it has been working.
Second, I would really like whatever you have related to documenting effects to see if it is working, because a systematic approach is probably best and I quite frankly have no idea how to do that so a tool to help would be great. Thank you.
Third, I agree there may be something that works better, I have been thinking about that, but change is scary and I don’t think I trust this APRN who doesn’t seem to understand adderall very well to have her start tinkering, so I would definitely have to find a doctor that I trusted. Now isn’t a great time to blow my life up , you know?
I think that mainly my question here is that it seems like there isn’t any valid reason for her to be concerned about my dose except that for reasons I don’t understand, she doesn’t trust me. Given that prior to her, an APRN, I had been under the care of a psychiatrist who had absolutely no issues with my dose, in fact how I got to that dose is because over time I developed a tolerance to the previous dose, and the dose has creeped up over time, as is common with adderall.

So, does anyone know of a reason outside of lack of trust, why she would have a problem with my dose? Because if it is lack of trust then I can not continue to see her, I already feel like I have to defend and justify myself which is stressfull and I can’t have a stressfull relationship with a care provider, there are too many other things in my life that cause stress.