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Hullo, I’m a 41 Yr old, diagnosed with ADHD at 39. I would suggest that your son’s serious about doing well but perhaps like me his time perception is quite different to your own. It’s a lot like the feeling of leaving the theatre and suddenly it’s dark outside, giving you that feeling of immediate dislocation. He most likely finds time management like a game where everyone else was given the rulebook and he wasn’t. I’d advise against the tough love methods as it might well simply make him feel completely isolated. I think it’s worth remembering that good school grades are not the end objective but getting your son into a career path that utilises the areas he can hyperfocus on and excel at. Probably he could be successful doing something he’s not fond of but I’d warn that the anxiety and stress will almost certainly give him problems later on. He’s probably got superpowers in some areas be it music, art or physics- the things he can get absorbed in (ironically the ones he most likely loses track of time when engaged in) and I would suggest that this is what he’ll be happiest doing with his life, this is his motivation to get the grades and be Da Vinci or Einstein. I guarantee he’ll put in way more hours than other students without even trying, even if he is late! Good luck! Your son is probably exceptional but needs to be motivated by stuff he loves not simply willpower