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First, it won’t hurt you to try it. You will know within a few days if it is working the way you want it to. And you can document what you can or can not do under the new plan.
Second, there are a lot of new meds out there that function even better then the adderall. For example one Vyvanse pill will last longer then the doses you now are taking and its a much smoother medication.
ADHD medication has always been a trial and error thing because everybody is different. You can’t just say, “oh, this is what everybody takes” That is a good excuse to run from that doctor as fast as you can. However, it does not hurt and may actually help to try new doses.
If they want you to try lowering the dose ….get from them a checksheet that you can use to tell if it is working or not. If they can’t tell you what to expect – that would not be a good sign. I can provide links that you can use to tell if you are being underdosed if you are interested.
Do keep in touch, this information will help others.