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Here is an alternate view. My son also failed to make anything of his journalling assignments in elementary school. He is now 23 and the various pressures brought to bear on him agave him anxiety problems and a hatred of learning and school that kept him out of college. I’m just saying that is our experience. I will share a link to a very informative 13 minute video from ADHD researcher Russell Barkley at the end of my comment. My son also did not do well working in groups no matter how much they pushed it on him. He is an ADHD kid and it is not a temporary condition. He is different. He is not neurotypical and you can hammer for the rest of his school years but the square peg is NOT going to fit the round hole without damaging the peg. Consider home schooling. I live in purportedly one of the best public school systems in the nation but they did not get that ranking by providing services to kids that are different. They made their reputation by the excellence of their neurotypical students. If you won’t choose the home schooling route, prepare to do battle with a formidable foe. They will make you think they will help but in the end, they will not accomodate him. If they can’t make him perform under their system, they will marginalize him until he is completely disenchanted with the whole process. This is my experience. Withdraw him into a world made for him or do battle with (and lose to) the entire school bureuacracy.

Dr Barkley begins with three simple sentences that explain why this is a process written in stone. You must build supportive scaffolding that will address your son’s needs and only you can do it. Good luck to you. There are many more fully explanatory videos on Youtube.