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agree with some of the suggestions like Tile attachments, a place to dump all her stuff when she walks in the door, etc. Sounded like she wasn’t having so much difficulty finding things at home, but more so losing them when out and about, like forgetting to retrieve her credit cards, bus cards, ID cards, etc. after using them. Wasn’t clear whether she was losing 2 passports during travels abroad, or just in the house, or when used locally (not sure for what). Many of these things might be amenable to trackers like Tile, even passports, even cell phones, too, in case she doesn’t have another computer from which to use the Find-My-Phone app, ID/credit/bank cards,etc., etc., etc, Can confirm with her credit card companies, etc., whether attaching a Tile-type unit would be problematic (shouldn’t be, as long as it’s placed strategically to not interfere with the magnetic strip and the imbedded chip…)

No mention was made as to whether she is taking ADD medication to help manage her dysfunction. If not, this should definitely be considered, and from your description, strongly recommended, as it has definitely been shown to reduce distractability, impulsivity, procrastination,and more !!!!!
If she is, it should be reevaluated as to effectiveness of the dose. This can make a tremendous difference!!!

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