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Thank you for taking time to reply and give me advice. I am treating my ADHD with Adderall and vitamins like Omega 3, ginkoba, etc. I talked with an EEO officer about the pen throwing incident and I don’t think he can do anything. He just said he will keep an eye out. Yes, I think confronting the individual when it happens is helpful. At those moments, I feel frozen and I don’t know how to unfreeze myself and react at that time but I will try… My manager (who aim, threw the pen, and burst out laughing) with other people actually know I have ADHD because I needed accommodation. The pen missed me but I felt very uncomfortable. It happened at a meeting and meetings are very hard to sit for an hour plus. I found myself day dreaming, fidgeting and looking out the window, around the room. If an argument does arise, how can I handle it? Most people who I talked with at work think I take things too personally but they will never say that if I am sitting on a wheel chair. I know ADHD people are more sensitive but this kind of treatment should not be accepted for anyone, anywhere?