Reply To: Emotional Distance


One writer wrote, “The way you talk about your son in your post is horrible.” Umm, the way the writer talked about the parent is “horrible.” We need to be compassionate with each other (and ourselves). Raising a child is tough; raising a child with learning disabilities is tougher. I have two sons with dyslexia and adhd (and a wife). I have read a lot on the subject and consider myself a patient, dedicated and loving father/husband. Still, I get discouraged and frustrated and angry all the time. It is very lonely because anybody other than therapists are uncomfortable with me sharing how hard it is without trying to talk me out of my feelings. Not helpful! I suggest that the mother that originated this post is hurting and at the end of her rope and saying she should not talk about her son negatively is equally as attacking as what she is accused of doing. Should she be talking to her son like that? No, of course not. She needs help (as do most of us reading the thread) so we should address that, not just what her son needs. Thanks for hearing me out.