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At the risk of suggesting something that worked for me….but it took a while to figure it out….
I had to find out what my strengths were as far as abilities and what my work style was.
I had similar issues in “normal school” and “normal jobs”.

My little sister suggested that I read the book: What Color Is Your Parachute? by Bolles. It is a self-administered test of interests, etc.
I discovered that my strengths were these: counseling, teaching, music, writing and art.

I was in my late 20’s and working as a medical transcriber. Although I was good at it, I hated it and was late most days and had trouble coping in an office

I had the rare good fortune of a knack for intuition. I took a course in psychic development and found my “NICHE”. I have been sane-fully God Employed” (I.e. self-employed) ever since. I pick my own hours, days off, and schedule. I work from home in my own (fairly messy) office…but its mine and no one’s business. (I work by phone so no one sees it but me).

I have also written music, had my own TV and radio shows, created my own psychic development school, founded a healing center to help folks with HIV/AIDS, written a book, and
painted things that sold.

Your ‘out of the box” kids need to be let OUT OF THE BOX. Give them space and tools to be their creative unique and amazing selves. This is not what you want to hear,
but it surely worked for me.

I am now 70 and still work. I love my life.

Be sure to watch Temple Grandin movie to understand that we need different structure and different ways to cope with life.

I do take medication (generic Lexipro), and have been helped by many other things such as Brain Gym, Various sound healing systems, biofeedback, herbs, etc.
It is a balancing act.

You need to CHANGE your standards on these kids. Its like asking a jelly fish to fly a plane. They don’t have the tools for it.

If they are night owls, let them go to night school…..

Check into Sensory Processing Disorder as well. Some of the tools for those kids have helped me too. I made a heavy vest out of a fisherman’s vest and put stones in the pockets. I made a heavy blanket out of a quilt, and sewed rice in the seams to weigh it down. (It should weigh 10%) of a person’s body weight. You can get them on Amazon too.

This child has come into your life to drive you crazy, NOT, but to make you let them be themselves if you can.

I know We’re not EASY, or NEAT, or STRUCTURED…but we are creative, fun, passionate and interesting.

I’ve been a clown for the Red Cross, taught swimming at the Y, helped organize an anti-fracking group in our community and countless other things. But FREE LANCE is
my style.

God bless you who struggle with kids like us.

My parents took off and drank and left us to fend for ourselves.

All 3 of us were a bit “weird” but we survived.

I hope you can hang in there and love them for who they really are.

Good luck to you all.