Reply To: ADHD With "autistic tendencies"


Thank you for your reply. My concern is, this dr’s office gave us no other options besides medication. I even asked the pediatrician if there are any therapists in the office that could work with my daughter as she’s developed an abnormal sense of fear. He said “I think there’s someone here, but I don’t know if he treats them that young. Check at the front desk”

I don’t particularly care for this doctor, but I don’t think we have many other options. He’s not nearly as thorough as we’d like, and after asking around we were told “he’s the best” for ADHH care.

I’ve thought about just giving him a call and asking for some clarification as to the ‘autistic tendencies” but I fear it will no be as productive as I’d like.

I just want what’s best for my daughter, to give her the best start at life. And it’s become a complete mess.