Reply To: My mom doesn't believe ADHD is real


Hey @rahul29112002 ,

First, your frustration is valid and real.

You didn’t give your age and it’s not in your profile. No matter your age you deserve to be listened to and believed.

There are two things I can think that might help:

1. Start a paper log of your symptoms. Keep it short – date, time, symptoms. Ask your mother to help with it. She might notice somethings you miss. Patient’s home logs are a valid medical tool. Many people with high blood pressure and/or diabetes keep a home log to help their doctor know what’s happening.

2. Ask your mother to take you for a 2nd opinion from another doctor. In your post you mention three people, yourself, your mother and the medical professional that diagnosed you (as well as a gathering of family members). The main people who seem to be having a disagreement on what to do are you, your mother and the doctor (although you said medical professional). So, a 2nd opinion from a different doctor would balance out the dynamics.

Mostly, remember this – you’ve obviously been doing some work towards finding a solution to your problems. All of that work didn’t happen instantly, it took time, persuasion, self education and most likely a bit of “stick to it-ness”. So, if it takes a few more weeks to either for you and your mother to come to a meeting of your minds, that’s not really so bad.

Lastly, your mother might be concerned about the adverse effects of any medication your put on. That is a legitimate concern on her part – some of the adverse effects might last a lifetime.