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You need to experiment with different dosages. I didn’t notice any effect from a small dose of Concerta. With a higher dose, my mood and concentration levels greatly improved. I tried generic Concerta, and needed a higher dosage. That same dose of name-brand Concerta was too high and I felt agitated. It takes more effort, but you need to know who’s manufacturing your generics, search online to see which manufacturers other ADD’ers have success with, and find a pharmacy that sells that brand. When I lived in Arizona, I was lucky and found one Walgreens location that would only stock the generic Concerta made by a specific manufacturer. I don’t remember the name of the manufacturer now, but my father found the same name in a Google search, agreeing with that Walgreens about the best generic. I’ve recently tried Vyvanse, and it is a bit different. My doctor had me try a small dose for a week, then raised the dose every five days until we found a level I was comfortable with. He said too low a dose can actually make you feel worse. Vyvanse can be opened up and sprinkled into water to cut the dose in half. Concerta cannot. Point is, you need to try different brands and a range of doses. You may need to try different doctors, too. I know it’s a lot of work, but good results are worth it. I’ve also read about people taking a small amount of Clonazipam with their stimulant. I’m trying that now because I need the stimulant, but I feel a bit jumpy.