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Eric Tivers has a podicast and shared a couple of things. This guy had roommates and his alarms kept going off but he wasn’t getting up to take care of them before waking all his roommates. I believe Eric as his coach or another coach found out he drank coffee in the morning. So he got to all ready to go and automatically turn on and was to purposely not put the pot under until he got up in the morning to do it. If he didn’t he would have a giant mess to clean up in the morning. (Out of the box thinking here). It didn’t take long before he got tired of cleaning up the messes and made it in. His reward or consequences were very close to the act itself.

Eric had a hard time getting off of his computer at night. He set an alarm to go off near to where his wife was sleeping. He had to go some distance to turn the alarm off before waking his wife. He set another two alarms by him the first as a warning it was time to wrap up what he was doing and the other to give him time to get to the alarm near his wife. Doing this allowed him to interrput himself when he got hyper focused on the computer instead of going to bed at night.