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From my first post:

Today, my son takes his meds during the week without issue. The lower dose seems to be working fine as his grades are good and he’s even studying for the driver’s test. Weekends are his to decide. Some weekends he has a break. Recently, he’s taken the meds to study for the driver’s test. But, it’s his choice. What he does in bed after the lights go out is not my business. But, it’s an fact of life and I think most parents would be about as baffled as I was to figure it out.

I have a friend who whenever I’d say that things were going well would say, “this too shall pass”. Oh boy, was she right.

Yup, more med refusals. It’s one thing to require that a child take a pill. It’s an entirely different thing when that “child” is well under 2 years from being a legal adult and smart enough and strong enough to simply refuse.

He’s in full “shut down mode”. The school isn’t happy, I’m not happy, my son isn’t happy, my husband isn’t happy and I’ve not asked the mailman, but he might not be happy either.

The school has asked me why I’m not “giving” him his meds. Seriously? After all we’ve been through, the school thinks I’m the reason he doesn’t take his meds? I’ve met with school “nurse” (I put it in quotes because I’m not really sure she has an RN or LPN and her title isn’t “nurse” but that’s the role she fills), the teachers, the assistant principle.

I keep pointing out his age and that I really can’t force him to take the pill. I’ve offered to let the school nurse give him the pill, but she’s not keen on that idea. I assume because she knows as well as I that he’ll just not take the pill.

I thought we had it fixed – but, something else is wrong. He’s almost 17 years old. The school is talking about sending him to a school for problem students (like a boot camp), but he technically doesn’t qualify for making him go there as he doesn’t have the required number of write ups. In fact, he’s never been suspended – yet.

I understand the school’s frustration and get the feeling they plan on bringing the hammer down with write ups and suspensions to just get rid of him. I’ve explained this to him, that once he has the required number of write ups he can be transferred to the other school.

I don’t know why I’m writing this – I don’t have any questions and I don’t have any answers. The doctor is next and I have hope he’ll get to the root of the refusal.

After some of the responses to my first post I’m now doubtful that the adverse sexual side effects were real. I don’t know that for sure, but it seemingly isn’t a normal adverse effect of the meds.

I wish I knew that I was the only parent going through this, but I know I’m not.