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Hi! I’m surprised to hear you are thinking of switching to Dexedrine. I find it to be a more powerful stimulant and for me, it caused a lot more anxiety than Ritalin. I actually had to stop taking it because I had frequent cases of tachycardia (racing heart) which were really uncomfortable. I went off hardcore stimulants for a while, which in retrospect seems like a mistake, and then started taking Ritalin and have not had problems that were at all comparable to the ones I had on Dexedrine.

Dexedrine is a type of amphetamine. I would not be surprised if it had more addictive potential than Ritalin, particularly in people with ADHD. However, I’m not sure how your doctor connected this to TBI, since both medications have been used to treat people with traumatic brain injuries. If you have noted a tendency toward addiction, then that may be why. However, you should ask your doctor about it. And don’t be hesitant to probe and ask more questions when your doctor says something that is incomplete or doesn’t make sense to you.

Good luck!