Reply To: Referred for ADHD, what happens now?


I’m 38 and just got diagnosed. There is no real “test” per say. It’s just sitting down with a professional and talking about your life. have you always been this way and had these symptoms. Mine was really great and i took a great deal of information from it. I have started going to my local adhd meetings too. For me i have always struggled in school and life really. But i always just passed it off as it’s just “me” just the way i am. this is true but also there are things i never realized. How i see myself vs. how i look to the world. She gave me pointers and things to think about and work on. I have lots more information to work with now. She thinks maybe i have some learning disability mixed in but i need further testing for that. But basically you just book an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist and go talk about how things have gone for you so far. Be sure to be thorough and explain everything. It’s a relief to know you have people in your corner and people who suffer the same setbacks. I feel better having gone and made it official. I have more information to go on and i can look more inwardly on myself to try to cope better.