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To Penny, we have sat down numerous times to review expectations and issues. We have done it as a family and with therapist. In fact, Marrimen, we have actually have had counseling with Ari Tuckman. There is nothing I can do but let him fail and pray. Today, I left for work, he was awake. Just called him and he missed class because it took 2 hours to leave the house. He fell back to sleep.

I calmly called him and said, he has to decide, is this a pattern he enjoys? He has to start making choices – whether to rollover and go back to sleep, stay on his laptop all night or go to school. He just gets upset and says he is an idiot. I reassured him he is not an idiot, far from it. Incredibly intelligent but makes poor choices. I suggested that next time he decides to rollover and go back to sleep think of 5 bad results from his choice. If he is okay with all the results than go ahead and sleep. If not, get up and make the decision to go to school or work. He also told me he didn’t take medicines. Again, I said what do you think the benefit is of not taking medicine. I got the “I don’t know”. Then what is the benefit of taking it? Same answer. He suppose to meet with a counselor today, go the learning resources, etc, but i know he won’t he will sit and stare and the cell phone and waste another day.

We have set the expectation that he will pay us for every class he fails due to cuts. Right now, he looks like he will owe us full tuition. I can’t tell my husband he missed class because that will ignite the fuse. To be honest, I want to go home and cry. This is a miserable life for all of us!