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I have predominantly Inattentive ADHD. I’ve also Aided in a classroom with a 6 year old that was majorly hyperactive. He acted like a kid who didn’t care to be at school and was one who even hurt animals. (Just saying he had extreme problems.) Once he was diagnosed and got the right combination of medication in him he was a totally different child. I know of a teen who is not medicated but he does extreme exercising to help him or he can’t focus.

You may or may not have your sons type of brain wiring. Have you gotten to know what is happening in his unique brain? Now that he is a Young Adult, talking at a calmer moment asking him what it’s like living inside his brain? Ari Tuckman has some books that maybe helpful. He may not be sleeping well enough with busy mind at night so that getting up in the morning is almost impossible. Classes later in the day or night may be more conducive. What about waking to his favorite music something that will light up his brain and put a smile on his face. Is there a launch pad with everything ready the night before to head out the door with. He could have the “one-more-thing-itist” thing going on, or the trying to find something before leaving issue. Many have no sense of time (time blindness) and wear watches with alarms to help remember or vibration to be more aware of time passing. He also might get distracted inside or outside his brain taking longer on something then he would otherwise. I’ve heard about some parents of younger kids let them sleep in the clothes they would be wearing the next day to bed, it’s an alternative. His life needs to be structured the way his brain operates not the way neurotypical brains do. When he learns what really works for his brain, what supports he needs to prop up the Executive Function of the brain it will get easier. I truly understand the frustration as I know how it was for my parents with me, but imagine if you can being the one living inside that brain. How would you want others responding to you especially the people most important if you had his brain wiring. Please know he is not purposely trying to get on your last nerve even if it feels like it. He is not ADHD but he is your beautiful son with ADHD. ADHD does not disappear and you may need to morn that you can’t take that away and the dream image you have for him. There can be other positive images in place of. Do all you can to find and express as much love and support of him and his talents as possible. Make time together enjoying each other and put the ADHD struggle on the shelf for a while.

As per other comments about other schools, know that people like Tom Cruise also went to one of these colleges. There are also service at college to help with challenges. He could also have an ADHD Coach even via face to face online texts and calls. Good luck.

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